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Digital Vitrified Tiles 4 x 2 (1200 x 600)

Global market is running behind digital world now these days and décor fashion also comes towards digital world. Vitrified tiles are transformed to Digitile Vitrified tile which is manufactured digitally by using vitrification (transformation of a substance into a glass. Vitrified tiles are normally made from raw clay, but it is needed to add some additional ingredients, such as silica, quartz, and feldspar. The vitrification process the tiles are created have very low porosity to make stain-resistant and strong. Digitile Vitrified tile is an alternative to marble and granite flooring or decoring of your desire. You can turn your living expression and represent your emotions with Savio Vitrified tiles which can match with your lifestyle anytime and anywhere.

Savio branded Digitile Vitrified Tiles are very strong naturally with water resistant and stain resistant nature. So, large number of builders, architects, interior designers and individual consumers like to choose Digitile Vitrified Tiles for their projects. These tiles can withstand more than granite or marble without using their functionality or appearance. Savio branded Digitile Vitrified Tiles also resist scratches and discoloration for long period.

There are distinctively many advantages of the Savio branded Digitile Vitrified Tiles such as prime element for flooring and dados on comparing to many other brands available in the present market. Savio branded Digitile Vitrified Tiles are machine made with greater consistency in sizes, shades and thickness. These variable sizes and shades of natural materials (marble, stone, cement tiles etc) bear less strength on comparing Savio branded Digitile Vitrified Tiles. So,it needs practically no setting time. Savio branded Digital Vitrified Tiles are found two major shapes - 4 X 2 (1200 X 600).

Sub-products of main product & Services

Gloss finish may be new term for large of commons but construction and architecture related all know it. However, gloss finish indicates a lustrous and shiny surface of any site of constructed overhead.

It can be done on well furnished surface of some metals, papers, paints, woods, marbles, tiles and many more. So, gloss finish is used on any where as owner's desire.

Even if you have low budget for high gloss finish, SAVIO can full fill your dream of gloss finish of your home or office. Glossy finish is used on Wall Tiles, Bathroom Wall Tile, Designer Tiles, Printed Porcelain Tile, Decorative Wall Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Ceramic Tile or anywhere as client desires. Savio offers sizes are 1200 X 600, 600 X 600 and 605 X 605.

Normally Matt Finish indicates the famous Australian music brand but SAVIO brings to you the new concept of matt finish to any surface of your desire. Matt finish surely adds a new dimension to the architect's design space of your house, kitchen and office or anywhere of your desire with the new natural sense and new design opportunities.

Savio Ceramica brings the new Matt finish which gives a natural appearance with a classic or contemporary architectural design of your desire. Savio offers various shape and sizes of Matt Finish such as 1200 X 600 and a few other sizes too.

Wood might be the highest used material for household uses but still it is used various part of world in large scale. So, wood Finish is still a popular finishing method which is a water-based interior wood furnishing method with stains and seals in a single wooden product.

The Savio Ceramica uses ultra-hard finish stands up to spills, the abrasions, the sun and common household chemicals as the ultra-rich color palette includes a variety traditional and contemporary color options for wood finish.

Hence, choose the right sheen for your interior wood surfaces to wood finishing purposes. Savio brand offers all shape and sizes of wood finish but special sizes are 1200 X 600 and 600 X 600.

Wood Stripes are methods to remove an old wood finish and make wood finish glossier. Savio offers most popular wood stripes such as Shellac and lacquer finishes. Savior offers the easiest way to make simple of the tougher finishes, paint and varnish.

Even Savio products can remove old finishes like varnish or paint within a few minutes and do the new wood finish. Most using wood stripe is found Savio brand such 1200 X 200.

Rustic Finish normally uses on wooden home décor purpose. It is using rustic finishes to Layer different shades of white which will create a more interesting and textural palette towards your home or office decor. The rustic wood finish adds a sense of old world charm to your home or office décor still today. More interestingly, the distressed and rustic look on wood blends can change your mentality as well as desire.

So, the Savio Ceramica can decorate various themes such as Spanish colonial, French country, the Japanese wabi sabi, Indian Rajput/ Mughal and many more. The key is to use slightly distressed rustic finishes which easily improve with age of decorate spaces. Savio offers various shape and sizes of products such as 600 X 600.

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