Savio Ceramica

Savio Ceramica Pvt. Ltd. is situated at Morbi, one of the ceramic hub in India, which manufactures vitrified tiles under the brand name of SAVIO.

Commenced it's operation since March 2008, Savio Ceramica Pvt. Ltd. is young and dynamic organization which manufacture and market both vitrified and floor tiles. Organization's prime focus on best quality with prompt service to customers.

Organization has one of the modern automated manufacturing plant under one roof for manufacturing quality of products which is accredited with ISO 9001:2000.

The quality standard of tiles manufactured by Savio Ceramica Pvt. Ltd. matches with the international quality standards and have certified by Technical & Applied Chemistry Department from VJTI and CGCRI.

Our Products

Glossy Finish

Gloss finish may be new term for large of commons but construction and architecture related all know it.

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Wood Finish

Wood might be the highest used material for household uses but still it is used various part of world in large scale.

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Matt Finish

Normally Matt Finish indicates the famous Australian music brand but SAVIO brings to you the new concept of matt finish to any surface of your desire.

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Rustic Finish

Rustic Finish normally uses on wooden home décor purpose. It is using rustic finishes to Layer different shades of white which will create a more interesting and textural palette towards your home or office decor.

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Why, What, Where ?

  • Why Savio Ceramica ?

    Savio Ceramica Private Limited was founded in 2008 with the head quarter at Morbi, India. The company has own separate manufacturing and producing units.

  • What are digitile Vitrified Tiles?

    It is the digital world now these days and marble décor system becomes old. Digitile Vitrified tile is manufactured digitally by using vitrification (transformation of a substance into a glass) and by the vitrification process the tiles are created have very low porosity to make stain-resistant and strong. Digitile Vitrified tile is an alternative to marble and granite flooring or decoring of your desire.

  • Where Can digitile Vitrified Tiles Be Used?

    Vitrified Tiles is made by baking fine minerals like clay and silica at the extreme high temperatures and each grains or particles melt and fuse to make a vitreous surface of extremely hard with low porosity. You can turn your living expression and represent your emotions with Savio Vitrified tiles which can match with your lifestyle anytime and anywhere instead of wood design and marble design.

Here are the 10 reasons are summarized for using Savio brand vitrified Tiles:

  • Savio manufactured unique products
  • Savio has own manufacturing and producing units
  • Savio uses 100% pure raw materials for each product.
  • Savio has strong delivery routes across the countries
  • Savio has 24X7 customer/clients support team
  • Savio offers warranty and guarantee after selling with maximum products.
  • Savio has own technical team to control quality with computerized digital method
  • Savio offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to each customer/client
  • Easy and flexible payment method
  • No hidden criteria of refund policy

SAVIO commenced it's operation since from 1st quarter of 2008 with direct patronization of the Savio Ceramica Private Limited on leadership of young and dynamic entrepreneurs those are not only manufacturers and marketers of vitrified and floor tiles but also well reputed industrials too.


Savio Ceramica private Limited strives hard to maintaining the quality of SAVIO branded products directly has offered to customers.

SAVIO products are fabricated using finest quality approved raw materials those are collected from the most reliable vendors of the global market. SAVIO products are produced in the strict adherence with industry digital norms and standards. Furthermore, Savio has separate quality units those enable to check the range on parameters such Abrasion resistance, Durability, Scratch-free surface, Dimensional accuracy and Strength.

SAVIO gets directly imported technology support from world class companies like Sacmi ( Imola, Italy) , Kexinda (Guangdong,China), Itaca (Barcelona,Spain) , System (Modena,Italy), Techno Italia (Casabelle, Italy), Johnson Matthey (Torino, Italy), Vidres (Castellón,Spain) and a few other top rated domestic companies.

It may be known to all that a ball mill is a type of grinder which used to grind raw materials into extremely fine powder.

It is used to make homogenous slip for the spray drier such as mineral dressing processes, colour paints, instant pyrotechnics, tile ceramics and many more selective laser sintering. The Savio Ball Mill has the capacity 32 tons raw material, 16 tons of water and 45 tons of 85% of alumina peebles and it provides the homogenized slurry for the spray drier in 6 hours.

The default composition of the raw material carries white fired ball clay (ukraine ball clay) , quartz of 99% Silica, Potash feldspar of 12% -14% Alkalies, Soda feldspar of 12%-14% alkalies, strengthening agent, china clay and imported body stains.

Savio Ceramica private Limited has total 6 Ball Mills, so normally SAVIO brand production is more than 300 tons.

Roller Kiln is a type kiln which is used to vitrify the dried tile to give final shape and size with finishing of colours and water absorption.

It also maintains stain resistance, fired strength and final finish. Our ceramic rollers bear fully digitalized technology based advanced ceramic production machinery, which is made with patented ISO and other standard marked pressing technology.

It controls superior strength in high temperature and excellent performance in manufacturing and marketing field such the reputation stays increasing day by day of the company in the market. 185 meter length Sacmi Kiln is having 2.65 meter working area and tiles are fired to 1200 Co with a soaking time of 8 minutes in 1200 Co. via 58 cycles which managed the production around 8500 square meter per day.

Modern technology based digital polishing machine

consists of pre squaring and calibrating tools of 12 heads to make the surface completely flat as desire where the polishing heads consisting of 38 polishing heads to give the glossiness of targeted surface. The Polishing machine makes the targeted tiles fully surface flat with desire glossines of greater than 75 gloss value and complete Stainless Steel Coil Polishing Line on it. The Savio brand production of the machine is greater than 9500 square meter per day.

The hydraulic press is another important machine for well finish product.

The main function of the hydraulic Press is to give the shape of tile from the granules as desire. Savio has imported SACMI Hydraulic Press which maintains Ceramics, Beverage & Packaging of manufactured products.

Savio branded tile is compacted using ph 6200 via hydraulic press with a specific pressure of 360 kilogram per centimeter as it maintains moisture with 5 layer horizontal layers. The hydraulic press cycle is 6 cycles per minute or 9500 square meter per day.


About Savio Ceramica

SAVIO commenced its operation since from 1st quarter of 2008 with direct patronization of the Savio Ceramica Private Limited on leadership of young and dynamic entrepreneurs those are not only manufacturers and marketers of vitrified and floor tiles but also well reputed industrials too.

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